A Way to Calm The Angry Voice Yas Mawer

“all i really want is some comfort – a way to get my hands untied.” – alanis morrisette

yes, i am angry. i have good reason to be angry. i will not apologise for being angry. this does not mean that i want to be angry.

all i really want is to walk down the street without fear; to feel peaceful in this world; to feel safe.

a way to calm the angry voice explores the misunderstanding and misrepresentation of feminism in social culture and the media, focussing specifically on sexual assault, anger, and hope – challenging the often-assumed notion that feminists are angry man-haters whose end goal is to uproot society and watch the world burn. anger is not the destination, it is the current location. it is not where i want to be, it is where i am now. this piece unpacks the simplicity of what many feminists and sexual assault survivors actually want – some patience; some peace; some comfort; some justice.



About the Artist

yas mawer is a glasgow-based performance artist, originally from grimsby in the north of england. working with an autobiographical process, yasmin makes personal and political work about feminism; mental health; and social class. often working with repetition, media, and persona, she is inspired by water-based landscapes, and finds inspiration using music as a stimulus. yasmin has a strong interest in the hierarchy inherent in linguistics, exploring the use of all lower-case or all upper-case text, depending on the emotive quality of the work. her most recent work, land claim, has been shown at embassy gallery (edinburgh) and rolling peaks (perth, australia) in collaboration with paper mountain, perth centre for photography, and embassy gallery, as part of the fringe world festival 2019. yasmin is also working on a new collaborative project which will be shown at embassy gallery (edinburgh) in april 2019.