Antidote: Art as a Healing Process Guest Artists

Brexit, Trump, racism, sexual assault, record-breaking gun violence, a rapidly dying planet… things are unpredictable and often frightening in this world. Fear and uncertainty are proclaimed by our leaders, disseminated through the media, and seeping into everyday life.
Perhaps as a consequence, the world is experiencing a mental health crisis. We have more ways to communicate but are lonelier than ever; more ways to connect, but feel more divided.
Not in here. In here we care for each other, and ourselves.
This symposium will attempt to consider ‘healthier’ ways of practicing and methods for resilience. Through the examples and experiences of our speakers we will unpack new ways of being, equipping us as artists to best encounter the world.
In this symposium we ask our speakers to give us their perspectives on art, and how it can heal us. They will share their practice and how they engender care for themselves and others in relation to mental wellbeing.