Clever Girl Grace Ward

He is advancing quietly. Carefully, he clicks the safety on his rifle off and lines up his shot.

He’s got her.

He hears a rustle in the brush beside him. He turns his head.

She grins at him, her face inches away from his.

He swallows, fearful but resigned;

“Clever girl.”

She launches at him.

The climate is fucked. Capitalism fucked it. Now we’re staring at our own extinction. How the hell do we start to feel okay about our oncoming destruction? Did the dinosaurs feel like this? What do we do now?!

An exploration into anti-capitalist action in a deeply capitalist society.
…through the eyes of the T-rex in Jurassic Park.

Life finds a way.



About the Artist

Grace Ward is a Glasgow-based performance artist. She makes work for club nights, art venues, and for her cat Spice. Through her performance and facilitation work she interrogates the politics of fear and the mental health crisis, from a standpoint of feminist ecology and hatred of right-wing capitalism. Her work aims to exorcise the conditioning of apathy in the face of patriarchal tyranny. It is about being actively soft in a world that is too hard.