Hairy Beast Theo Seddon

Are we delving into mysteries we weren’t meant to know?

A large vagina enters the room and bites a very boring man. HORROR!! IS!! BORN!!

A night of horror!! Singing!! (actually, no singing) A MONSTER!!

Have you ever pissed yourself laughing? Have you ever pissed yourself ? INTRIGUE?!


Theo Seddon explores what it means to be a man with a vagina, so take the clunge and snatch up a ticket. This show is not gash. Stop fannying around, look at (t)wat lies ahead. DANGER!!


About the Artist

Theo Seddon is a comedian and performance maker. He specialises in absurdist personas that challenge society’s perceptions of gender and sexuality. He is a club performer, writer, director and DJ. Born in the north of England, his work often critiques modern masculinity as a transgender man, and advocates for the inclusion of transgender voices in performance art communities. He believes in gender as a construct and not an evolutionary right.