I Just Go On And On And On Sinéad Hargan

I think my heart is broken

Oh fuck oh fuck

It’s stopped

Can you hear it?

Does it sound fucked?

It’s fucked isn’t it

My heart

We murmur and it becomes something else. Through the exploration of heartache and loss, this work plays with ideas of the ghosts or traces that we leave behind us and the ghosts we keep with us, the tiny traces that we might not remember accurately. We attempt to rethink and rework narratives around women’s trauma and grief. The piece weaves Scottish landscapes, Gaelic song and pop culture references in a vocal experiment involving participants, including members of the Dundee Gaelic Choir. We work with our voices and bodies to find a way of communicating that which we often struggle to articulate.



About the Artist

Sinéad Hargan is a Glasgow-based artist who works primarily in live performance, dance and moving image. Deeply rooted in her work is the desire to understand the world through materials, the body and human interactions in various Scottish landscapes, reclaiming and re-conquering these spaces. For the past two years Sinéad has been making and experimenting with film and moving image; her practice incorporates this type of media into live performance and explores how these types of artistic communications can retell stories through verbal and non- verbal means. Her work is often concerned with exploring the dichotomy of recorded and live performance.

Sinéad has recently shown work at Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh and Paper Mountain as part of Fringe World Festival 2019 in Perth, Australia and will be showing a new collaborative film and performance piece at Embassy Gallery in Spring 2019.