If Light Appears Lewis Fraser

If Light Appears is a collaboration between Third Thread’s core company and young ensemble. It is a window into our world, our way of being. With ourselves, with each other, with you. Working on a long-term exploration of Greek poet Sappho, one of the few female poets known from antiquity, together we are equally curious about the words we have- which speak of love, desire, old age, shame and time- as we are about the spaces between the words. Layering multiple artistic elements, our company aims to create work that offers space for our audience: space to think, space to feel, space to unpack. In this unknown ephemeral space, we allow the work to unfold in real time in direct relationship to our audience; a process of collective discovery.

Directed by Lewis Fraser & Stephanie Arsoska



About the Artists

Third Thread is a new, Dundee-based company, dedicated to exploring the use of ensemble theatre practice in training and performance. Working from a foundation of collective movement- based improvisation they interweave the use of text, sound, music, media and art to generate improvised performances. Emphasising process over product, their time training together in the studio is at the heart of what they do. Through this they develop ways of being with each other that are open, honest and generous and then, in turn, share this way of being with an audience. Third Thread currently consists of three groups; a youth theatre, an ensemble for performers aged 18-25 and a core company