MEIN KAUN HOO? [Who am I?] Sanjay Lago

I am a Weegie
I am a Punjabi
I am Glaswasian
I am the Indo Celt Warrior

Dha–Din–Din-Dha. Dha-Din-Din-Dha. The Bells of the ghungroos ringing along the path I walk, flags flying high above.

One individual with a link to two lands. Descendant of the East. Brought up in the West. How do these heritages come together? What has influenced, shaped, and challenged this individual to become the person he is? This is the story of a man growing up influenced by Western society, whilst still upholding his Eastern culture.

“Zindagi ek safaar hain suhanna, yaha kaal kya ho, kisne jaana. Life is a beautiful journey, what will happen tomorrow, who knows?”

Fusing together classical Indian dance, autobiographical text, comedic moments, and history, this performance created a space full of emotion, revealing pain and celebration.


About the Artist

Sanjay is a Glasgow-based performance artist and theatre-maker. Born in Scotland, he is of 3rd generation Indian descent. He came to RCS through the Lifelong Learning department, where he trained as an actor for three years, before being awarded a scholarship to study CPP for a year with Short Courses. Since beginning his degree he has performed with National Theatre of Scotland and Mischief La-Bas. During his dissertation he met with OBE Jatinder Verma, founder of Tara Arts. Thanks to RCS’s Bridge Week he has 4 self-produced shows. He enjoyed a successful placement with Bijli Productions, leading him to become a part of NTS’ “Year of Young People” Project Team.

Sanjay’s work incorporates dance, autobiographical work, community involvement and topics of race and dyslexia. In his free time, he likes to write, read and listen to Shakira.

He is a scholarship recipient of the Underwood Trust.