sea flights (every one of them landed on a beach like this) 曾德源 / chan teck guan egan

sir stamford raffles lands
colonising singapura
establishing it as
a british trading port

sang nila utama lands
encountering a lion
declaring the island

萧曼兒 lands
my grandmother
fleeing from her hometown
to singapore

i arrive on a beach

something meets me here

a vessel sails past

something dances with me

something dances me

as tribute, as manifestation,

sea flights situates the live body in conversation with the sea,

dancing (the colonial)

dancing (the ancestral)

dancing (myth)



About the Artist

曾德源 / chan teck guan egan is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice is foregrounded by an interrogation of (post-) colonial power. they regard the body as a living archive and a site of healing-exorcism. creating at the intersections of dance, live art and design, their work mediates between memory and (re-)imagination with particular regard to the queer, the diasporic and the culturally orphaned.

曾德源 was born in singapore and has studied beijing opera at the shanghai theatre academy as well as dance / context / choreography at the inter-university centre for dance, berlin (hzt). they currently live and work in glasgow.

曾德源 is a recipient of the rcs undergraduate scholarship.

none of the text here is capitalised as 曾德源 believes that the english language is in itself a colonialist construct and that subverting grammatical prescriptivism is crucial to a holistic decolonising process.