Student Producer Emily Picardi

Emily Picardi (she/her) is an American producing artist currently based in Glasgow.

Emily has been clinically depressed and anxious since 2010 (although she has probably had both illnesses much longer). As a way of coping, she is passionate about creating work and facilitating spaces that will make anyone who is afraid, alone, and lost feel comfortable, safe, and loved.

Emily is interested in work that challenges straight, white, cis-male dominated thinking/culture/structures. Throughout her time on the programme Emily has conducted research about creating safe spaces for those who identify as women to make and show work in a way that would allow them complete autonomy. Emily doesn’t want to exclude men forever, but she believes it’s time we start hearing different voices. She believes patriarchy is harmful to every person regardless of gender.

Emily loves old, abandoned buildings and has a strong interest in creating and producing site specific work exploring the pasts of these extraordinary structures. She finds great beauty in the places time has forgotten.

As a producer Emily considers herself to be artist- centred. She believes it is a producer’s job to be an artist’s greatest fan. She has a particular interest in the creative relationship that can develop between an artist and a producer, and is especially drawn toward curation and dramaturgy.

In producing Into the New Emily has focused on her commitment to facilitating welcoming and inclusive spaces. The world can look very frightening these days but within the walls of the Pearce Institute, Emily and her collaborators have tried to create a safe environment focusing on connection and care; an antidote for the outside world.

She hopes with every fibre of her being that you feel held, supported and loved while attending the festival.