The Angel and Devil Inside Me Hannah O'Boyle

‘I feel like I am too much of one to be the other, and therefore, somehow, become both and neither.’

Hannah O’Boyle is a Queer Catholic, a joyous mourner, a depressed hopeful and a devilish angel. What happens when opposites exist simultaneously in one body? And what if what seems like opposites aren’t that opposite at all?

The Angel and Devil Inside Me is a high energy performance piece examining the intersection between Queerhood and Catholicism, asking questions about love, faith, compassion and where these fit in the current world climate.



About the Artist

Hannah O’Boyle is a Queer Irish artist currently based in Glasgow. Born in South Leitrim, she was raised and educated in the Catholic faith and makes autobiographical work stemming from her lived experience as a Queer Catholic woman. Interested in ideas of identity, sacrifice and survival, Hannah’s arts practice is grounded in high energy movement and fast flowing text with moments, of course, to breathe. Hannah hopes to make work that excites, energises and empowers.